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Megan Slankard: How to promote your music

jul 28

In the third installment of the Tribe of Noise Survival Guide for the DIY Musician, I sat down with the ridiculously talented singer-songwriter Megan Slankard. For many artists, promoting their music is one of the toughest aspects of the job. In her career of fifteen years, Megan Slankard has picked up a few tricks when it comes

Sam Gallagher: Turning a good song into a great record

mei 28

For chapter 2 of the Tribe of Noise Survival guide for the DIY Musician, I sat down for a skype-chat with the Scottish musician and producer Sam Gallagher. For Sam Gallagher, a song is only finished when it has been properly recorded and mixed. Since he got a 4-track recorder for his fifteenth birthday, the very productive

De Tribe of Noise Survival Guide for the DIY Musician: Jeff Campbell

mrt 25

Muziekplatform Tribe of Noise vroeg mij een Survival Guide for Independent Musicians te maken. Elke maand voel ik een ervaren muzikant aan de tand over zijn ervaringen, tips én nuttige mislukkingen op het gebied van touren, marketing, recording, songwriting, en wat er zoal meer in het takenpakket van de hedendaagse indie muzikant zit. Voor het eerste deel