Foto  © Christopher Howard

Foto © Christopher Howard

In the third installment of the Tribe of Noise Survival Guide for the DIY Musician, I sat down with the ridiculously talented singer-songwriter Megan Slankard.

For many artists, promoting their music is one of the toughest aspects of the job. In her career of fifteen years, Megan Slankard has picked up a few tricks when it comes to successfully getting her music noticed by radio stations, magazines, and most importantly a receptive audience.

The singer-songwriter – and creator of the hilarious web-series inDIYe – played her first paid gig when she was only fifteen and sold over 35.000 copies of her four albums. She shared with us the importance of a well-maintained website, why readers of your newsletter are way more valuable than your ‘likes’ on facebook, and why you should give yourself time for promotion when you’ve finished your album. Read it all in Megan Slankard: How to promote your music.