Sam GallagherFor chapter 2 of the Tribe of Noise Survival guide for the DIY Musician, I sat down for a skype-chat with the Scottish musician and producer Sam Gallagher. For Sam Gallagher, a song is only finished when it has been properly recorded and mixed. Since he got a 4-track recorder for his fifteenth birthday, the very productive Tribe of Noise-artist has recorded over 200 of his own songs and produced more than ten albums for other musicians. Nowadays he has a professional studio built in his home and makes a living by recording, mixing and producing other artists, as well as his own music.

In his interview, Sam shares advice on how to get the most out of your homebuilt studio, the importance of a metronome, and when you have to stop tinkering with a song. You can find the full interview here: Chapter 2. Sam Gallagher: Turning a good song into a great recording.